About Us

When our first little boy was born in 2011, we wanted something personal and all about him to hang in his nursery. We had something very specific in mind. It had to be a lasting celebration of his birth and something we would enjoy looking at for years to come. We couldn't find exactly what we wanted so we set about making our own artwork for him. Those first prints are still on his bedroom wall. We have since had two other children. Busy times!


As time passed, we realised we had quite a portfolio of work we'd created for ourselves and people around us so we opened it up to a wider audience and The Talking Wall was established. More recently, we've created our range of travel prints and they've been inspired by our surroundings. We're from Oxfordshire and we're now living in Dorset - both counties are full of landscapes and amazing views. We've started a portfolio of prints of our favourite places around the world too. Here we are in 2020. We're still passionate and enthusiastic about producing prints. It's a real pleasure to produce every one of them and we feel honoured that you put your trust in us to create your artwork. 


Our aim is simple. We want our prints to speak for themselves.