Biodegradable Packaging

Your walls can look great without costing the earth.

We don't like plastic waste and we are working hard to eradicate all plastic from our business. We are proud to send our artwork to you in plant-based biodegradable packaging.

Biodegradeable Packaging Our greetings cards and smaller prints are packaged in clear sleeves made from potatoes! These magic bags are completely biodegradeable and recyclable - they will even disappear given some time on the compost heap.

Biodegradeable Packaging If you purchase one of our larger prints it will come in a fancy poster tube. But can we still call it a tube? They are triangular and don't have plastic end caps.

Biodegradeable Packaging We are still working on a cardboard-only poster tube big enough for our A2 and A1 prints. Those plastic end caps won't defeat us!